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NicAlert Saliva Nicotine Test

Semi-Quantitative Saliva Based Test for the Determination of In Vivo Nicotine Consumption or exposure.

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NicAlert is the world's first oral fluid (saliva) based, point of contact, lateral flow immunoassay for Nicotine (Tobacco) use or abuse. Simple and discreet smoking or nicotine saliva testing without the inconvenience, embarrassment or biological hazard risks associated with urine specimen collection and handling. Completely eliminates the possibility of urine sample contamination, adulteration, substitution or manipulation. Semi-quantitative results using saliva in approximately 15 minutes. Extremely sensitive to cotinine, the principle metabolite of nicotine, the NicAlert™ nicotine saliva test will detect 6 ranges of cotinine concentrations from 0 ng/ml through 2000+ ng/ml. May also be used for urine sample testing in dipstick format. For Forensic Use Only.

For a comprehensive discussion on drug of abuse testing including typical detection time periods see the DRUG TESTING FAQ


Incorporating a newly developed and highly sensitive chromo graphic lateral flow strip type testing device along with a special collection device for human saliva samples, the NicAlert™ nicotine saliva test is a self-contained, ready to use, point of contact drug testing device that detects the presence of cotinine, the principal metabolite of nicotine in human saliva samples. Using the preferred lateral flow immunoassay technology for this method of test screening, the NicAlert™ nicotine swab test requires no special training to complete and semi-quantitative results are visibly obtained within minutes.

Oral Fluid Assay System For NICOTINE USE

The NicAlert™ forensic nicotine testing system detects cotinine, the principle metabolite of nicotine, one of the most addictive drugs of abuse using a saliva sample. Because urine collection is not necessary, there are certain advantages using the NicAlert™ system for on-site nicotine use or smoking status screening. Additionally, because the test subject is present for the entire sample collection and  testing process, the possibility of sample adulteration and/or substitution is eliminated. The NicAlert™ saliva nicotine test is highly sensitive and will detect even the smallest concentrations of cotinine. Each test strip is divided into six (6) reactive chromo-graphic (color change) levels of cotinine detection. Results are semi-quantitative based on the following detection matrix:


Table 1. Cotinine Equivalents for each Level

Level on Strip

Cotinine Equivalent


1-10 ng/ml


10-30 ng/ml


30-100 ng/ml


100-200 ng/ml


200-500 ng/ml


500-2000 ng/ml


2000+ ng/ml

* For Saliva samples, a test level 1 or above indicates the use or exposure of tobacco products For Urine samples, test level 3 or above indicates the use of tobacco products. The correlation of detectable cotinine is considerably less in saliva samples versus urine samples. 

Additionally, other features of using the NicAlert™ nicotine test include:

Definite sample source: eliminates sample adulteration or substitution
Eliminates need for urine collection and handling
Does not require a highly skilled or specially trained test administrator
Does not require special sample collection facilities, accessories or equipment
Eliminates completely the possibility of sample contamination
Eliminates the potential of cross contamination of samples
Test can be used either with saliva or urine samples


The NicAlert™ System is formulated for use with human oral fluid specimens, saliva or urine. These procedures cover the saliva method. Confirm the expiration date printed on the test package. Do not open the test package until you are ready to perform the saliva cotinine assay. If, necessary, bring the test pouch to room temperature . Insure that the person being tested has had nothing in their mouth for at least 5 minutes before sample collection. This includes water or other beverages (dilution) or food of any type (contamination).

  1. Collect the oral fluid sample by using the funnel device and collection container provided. The test subject should spit into the funnel until the collection container is filled at least one third with saliva. Never insert the strip directly in the subject's mouth as the strip will not react properly.

  2. Remove the funnel from the collection container and plug the larger open end with the stopper provided.

  3. Lay the NicAlert™ test device on a dry flat surface with the numbered levels facing up.

  4. Squeeze the collection container and apply the saliva sample to the absorbent cotton wick end of the test strip. Apply approximately 4-5 drops or until the wick is completely saturated waiting at least ten (10) seconds between each drop. Allow each drop to soak into the wick before applying the next drop. In the case of very viscous samples, you may need to add additional drops. apply the 4th drop on top of the 3rd drop when the 3rd drop has almost sunk all the way into the sample pad. Add enough saliva sample that visible sample migration across the test result panel begins.


Wait 20 minutes for test results to fully develop. Test results are read by observing and scoring level at which the color change stops:



POSITIVE 10-30 ng/ml POSITIVE 100-200 ng/ml

A Negative test result is indicated by the lowest red band being in the region marked zero (0). Some coloration may show before, at or within the zero level of the strip. This is considered a negative test.

A Positive test result for level 1 of the test strip. The lowest red band appears in the region marked one (1) indicating a positive test and the presence of cotinine (nicotine) at a level of 10-30 ng/ml.

A Positive test result for level 3 of the test strip. The lowest red band appears in the region marked three (3) indicating the presence of cotinine (nicotine) at a level of 100-200 ng/ml.

Download the Color Result Chart


The NicAlert™ Saliva Drug Testing System is currently available for point of contact  screening in the following sales units. Each test strip is individually hermetically sealed in a foil glassine envelope stamped with expiration date and lot number. Included with each test strip are the required sample collection devices in a poly bag. Comprehensive test instruction and product inserts are included with each test pack. NicAlert™ Saliva Nicotine Tests are recommended for institutional, professional, judicial, educational and individual drug testing programs and are intended for non-diagnostic, forensic use only to determine smoking status or nicotine intake.






NicAlert™ Saliva Nicotine Test

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