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Sensitivity Detection Levels for Human hCG Hormone
One-Step Pregnancy Tests ē Brand Comparison Chart

Pregnancy Strip Aim Mid Stream OTC

For many women, early detection of pregnancy is desired. Clearly, the more sensitive a pregnancy test is to detecting hCG levels post fertilization, the earlier a preliminary diagnosis of pregnancy can be obtained. Virtually all one-step "at home" pregnancy tests employ the same technology in test construction and scientific principle; a lateral flow immunoassay in which hormone specific antibodies bind with a pretreated colloidal gold precipitate impregnated within the test panel to form a visible line on the test panel of the device.

All pregnancy test kits are not, however, produced with the same sensitivity level at which hCG hormone can be detected. The reasons for this are primarily production cost related having to do, in part, with the amount of colloidal gold incorporated into the test. Below is a table listing many brands of professional and over-the-counter (OTC) pregnancy test kits and the sensitivity hCG detection level indicated either in package instructions or registration documents. See chart on hCG Hormone Increase during pregnancy.

20 (+)

25 (+)

50 (+) 100 (+)

150 (+)

mIU/ml hCG mIU/ml hCG mIU/ml hCG mIU/ml hCG mIU/ml hCG

AimStick PBD hCG
AimStep Cassette hCG 
Aim MidStream OTC hCG

Clearblue Easy (U.K.) 
First Responseô
Confirm 1-Step
d-Best Pregnancy
CVS Pharmacy
Day Seven Pregnancy
Health Check
InstaTest hCG
One Step Be Sure
Rapid Self-Test (U.K.)

Clearblue Easy (U.S.) ClearPlan Easy
CVS Pharmacy (Cartridge)
Early Bird One Step
Early Pregnancy test

First Response(U.K.)
Hannaford Predictor (U.K.)
Rite-Aid Generic
Target Stores Pharmacy generic

First Response  Dipstick (U.S.)

Walgreens Generic  

Fact Plus

Note: While believed accurate at the time of publishing, this information is subject to review and updating. Craig Medical Distribution offers this data as information only and makes no claim as to it's accuracy or reliability.

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