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salivaconfirm 4 panel saliva oral drug test

SalivaConfirm-4 Panel Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device


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Marijuana (THC) • Cocaine (COC) • Amphetamine/Methamphetamine (AMP) • Opiates (OPI)

The SalivaConfirm-4 is the newest, simplest to use, improved accuracy, oral fluid (saliva) based, point of contact test screen for illicit and prescription drug use or abuse. Simple and discreet drug of abuse testing without the inconvenience, embarrassment or biological hazard risks associated with urine specimen collection and handling. Completely eliminates the possibility of sample contamination, adulteration, substitution or manipulation. For Forensic Use Only.

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Incorporating a newly developed, patented collection device for human saliva samples, the SalivaConfirm-4™ is a self-contained, ready to use, point of contact drug testing device that detects four drugs (or drug classes) of abuse: Marijuana (THC), Cocaine, Opiates (or all opium based drugs) and Methamphetamine (and its derivatives) using the preferred lateral flow immunoassay technology for this method of test screening. The test requires no special training to complete and qualitative yes/no results are visibly obtained within ten (10) minutes and results are stable up to 1 hour.

Oral Fluid Assay System For Drugs of Abuse

For a comprehensive discussion on drug of abuse testing including typical detection time periods see the DRUG TESTING FAQ

The SalivaConfirm-4 forensic drug testing system detects the four most commonly abused illicit drugs using a saliva sample. Because urine collection is not necessary, there are certain advantages using the SalivaConfirm-4™ system for on-site drug screening. Additionally, because the test subject is present for the entire sample collection and  testing process, the possibility of sample adulteration and/or substitution is eliminated. The SalivaConfirm-4™ will detect Marijuana (THC), Cocaine (COC), Opiate (OPI) and Methamphetamine (M-AMP) use at a sensitivity level for saliva concentration* according to the following chart:

  Target Drug

Nanograms (ng) per milliliter (ml)

Marijuana (THC)

12 ng/ml

Cocaine (COC)

20 ng/ml

Opiates (OPI)

40 ng/ml

Amphetamine (AMP)

50 ng/ml

* Sensitivity detection levels for oral fluid (saliva) are considerably lower than those for urine tests because the concentration of detectable drug metabolites are significantly less in oral fluids (saliva). The sensitivity cut-off levels above generally correlate with the standards established for forensic urine tests by the NIDA, SAMSHA and WHO. For a technical document on the precision and specificity of the ORALINE (formerly ORALscreen) saliva drug screen in relationship to urine based tests see the OralScreen Technical Whitepaper

Additionally, the Aimstep SalivaConfirm-4 drug test will detect the  metabolites and chemical derivatives of the class of drugs noted above including all opium derivatives (codeine, heroin, etc.) and Methamphetamine (ecstasy, amphetamine, etc.) Other features of using the SalivaConfirm-4™ drug test include:

Definite sample source: eliminates sample adulteration or substitution
Eliminates need for urine collection and handling
Does not require a highly skilled or specially trained test administrator
Does not require special sample collection facilities, accessories or equipment
Eliminates completely the possibility of sample contamination
Eliminates the potential of cross contamination of samples


The SalivaConfirm-4™ System is formulated for use with human oral fluid speci­mens (saliva). Confirm the expiration date printed on the test package. Do not open the test packages until you are ready to perform the drug screen assay. If, necessary, bring the test pouch to room temperature . Insure that the person being tested has had nothing in their mouth for at least 5 minutes before sample collection. This includes water or other beverages (dilution) or food of any type (contamination). Directly observe the person during sample collection.salivaconfirm 4 panel saliva oral drug test

IMPORTANT: Test devices must be at room temperature (15-30°C) before testing. These are basic procedure descriptions, please refer to the detailed product insert when performing the actual test. 

1. Bring the sealed pouch to room temperature before opening. Remove the test device from the pouch and use it as soon as possible. Check the expiration date on the product pouch. Remove the test cap exposing the collection pad wick.
2. Insert the collection pad end of the device into the subject’s mouth. Keep the opposite end of the device angled downward to ensure good flow (also refer to the procedure card).
3. Instruct the subject to move the collection pad from top to bottom of the tongue and back again filling the collection pad with saliva. Keep the pad in the subject’s mouth for about 1-3 minutes until the collection pad is completely saturated with saliva.
4. When migration of saliva or any pink/burgundy color appears in the result window, remove the device from the subject’s mouth and replace the cap onto the collection pad end of the device. Lay the device on a flat surface Total time from the start of the test to the appearance of the C line depends on the saliva production and the viscosity of the saliva of the individual. Start timing once the C line is visible in the test window. Read results 5-7 minutes after the C line appears.


Wait 10 minutes for test results to fully develop. Test results are read by observing and scoring the pre-printed red/pink lines on the test result panel as present or absent, 15 minutes after the sample was added: Note: the graphic below is for illustration purposes only. The actual test device will vary from the pictures below however the result interpretation is the same.

oral drug test oral drug test oral drug test order salivaconfirm 4 panel saliva oral drug test



A Negative test result is indicated by pink rose lines adjacent to each target drug label plus a control line.

A Positive test result is indicated by the absence of a pink rose line adjacent to the target drug label plus a control line.

A Positive multiple test result is indicated by the absence of pink rose lines adjacent to each target drug label plus a control line.

An Invalid test result is indicated by the absence of a pink rose line adjacent to the "C" or Control label regardless of results in the other labeled areas.

A NEGATIVE test result is indicated by the continued presence of a red/pink line adjacent to the labeled target drug.. If there remains a visible line, no matter how faint it may become during test development, the test should be considered negative for the target drug. An extremely faint line could mean that the target drug is near the sensitivity cut-off level for the test. In such circumstances the test could be repeated at another time or a more quantitative method of laboratory testing be employed.
A POSITIVE test result is indicated by the complete absence of a red/pink line at the position indicated for the drug in the test panel. More than one line may be absent indicating a multiple positive drug screen.
An INVALID test result is indicated by the absence of a red/pink line at the (C) or control position.


The SalivaConfirm-4Saliva Drug Testing System is currently available for point of contact drug of abuse screening in the following configurations. Individual tests in 10 each packs. Standard pack is a dispenser box of twenty five tests. SalivaConfirm-4Saliva Drug Tests are intended for non-diagnostic, forensic use only.






SalivaConfirm-4™ Saliva 4 Panel Drug Test

Ten (10) Tests



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Twenty Five (25) Tests



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One Hundred (100) Tests



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Two Hundred Fifty (250) Tests

Distributor Case


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*If the order buttons are absent or inoperable, please use the pricing overview page to order.

For purchases exceeding two case units please contact us by e-mail Customer Service

*Forensic Use Only. Not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of a disease or illness. For initial indication of drug presence only. Forensic use only tests are intended for use by legal and law enforcement entities or laboratories testing for those entities. Not intended for home use.

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