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FDA Approved, Safe, Accurate, Low Cost, At Home Allergy Test Kit


confidential, quantitative diagnostic test performed at home for determining allergy and allergic reaction to ten (10) of the most common airborne, food and pet allergens including pollens, molds, dairy products, dust mites and cat dander. These ten allergens represent approximately 90% of diagnosed allergic reactions in humans. The MyAllergyTest kit has been cleared by the FDA and is equivalent in accuracy to other more costly (up to $1,500), inconvenient and often painful allergy laboratory testing systems in use today in doctor's offices, hospitals and labs.  

Allergy FAQ • Watch the Video


The MyAllergyTest kit is a quantitative screening test to identify an individual's allergic reaction to a specific range of
the ten (10) most common allergens covering about 90% of all human allergic reactions using an easily obtained, finger prick whole blood sample. The test provides the same clinical results that can be obtained from a local medical laboratory without the high expense (often up to $1,500) and inconvenience of physician appointments, laboratory fees, and often painful and unnecessary procedures of multiple injections, needle scratches or direct venous or arterial blood draws. The ten allergens included in the test result panel cover approximately 90% of all instances of common human allergies. The test is performed at home, takes less than 10 minutes and results are obtained confidentially in approximately the same time as those routinely ordered through a physician. Allergy FAQ


Low Cost, Accurate and
Confidential Allergy Testing
with No Costly Physician Visits
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An allergy, or allergic reaction, is the result of an individual’s overactive immune system, reacting to usually harmless external substances. The substances that cause allergic reactions are known as allergens. The body interprets the specific allergen as a harmful invader and the immune system reacts by forming antibodies to attack it. Individual's with allergies produce a specific antibody types called Immunoglobulin E, or IgE. When allergens first contact the body of a person with allergies, allergen-specific IgE antibodies are produced. Each type of IgE has a specific interlock code for one type of allergen only. That is why some individuals are allergic to cats and grass pollen only (they have only the IgE antibodies specific to cat and grass pollen) and others seem to be allergic to everything. Therefore, a person with antibodies to a specific allergen is commonly referred to as being “allergic” to that allergen. When a person with allergies comes in contact with an allergen, his or her body will show symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as swelling of tissues, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, a runny nose, itchy eyes, and other reactions. Depending on the overall health of the individual and the presence of complicating health conditions like asthma, allergic reactions can range from mild discomfort to life threatening.

Previous to development of the MyAllergyTest, determining an individual's allergies required costly visits to an Allergist, a physician specialized in allergic reactions. Procedures comprised multiple direct injections, often painful, of as many as thirty common allergens. Interpreting results required another follow up appointment with the Allergist. With the new MyAllergyTest done at home, whole blood is collected through a simple finger prick, and then sent directly to the laboratory for analysis and testing. Results are obtained using a unique key code number included with the kit in approximately 5-7 business days via the internet, Comprehensive test results are also sent by return mail.

Allergens Tested*

Allergy Test Contents





• Timothy Grass
• Bermuda Grass
• Mountain Cedar (Juniper)
• Short Ragweed

• Alternaria

• Milk
• Egg White
• Wheat

• Cat
• House Dust Mite

• FDA approved Sample Collection Kit:
• Easy-to-follow instructions
• Virtually painless finger stick lancets
• Blood collection tube
• Alcohol pad and adhesive bandage
• Personal Information and Registration Cards
• Mailing supplies

*Represents approximately 90% of all common human allergies

Mail Get

The MyAllergyTest test is very easy to perform in the privacy, confidentiality and convenience of the home. There are Five basic steps:  The test sample identification form is filled out and unique key code identifier retained, A blood sample is collected through a simple finger prick using the virtually painless, spring loaded lancet, the sample blood is deposited into the provided collection tube, a copy of the completed form and sample tube are then placed in the pre-addressed mailer and sent to the laboratory. In approximately 3-5 days after laboratory receipt, results are obtained using the unique key code number through the laboratory website. A comprehensive analysis and report is also sent by return mail. Watch Video • Allergy FAQ


The MyAllergyTest is FDA approved and available for home or professional use in the following standard sales units. Each test kit is all inclusive and individually boxed with all the components required to perform one ten panel allergen test and laboratory analysis report. There are no additional costs beyond the kit purchase price and all laboratory processing fees are prepaid and included. Cost of the test may be reimbursable under certain insurance plans* however purchaser must handle this separately with their provider.  Professional and reseller volume discounts apply to quantity purchases beyond the sale units listed. Contact Customer Service for volume quotations.  






MyAllergyTest 10 Panel Home Allergen Test Kit

Boxed Kit each

One (1) Kit



Three (3) Kits



Six (6) Kits



Twelve (12) Kits


*If the order buttons are absent or inoperable, please use the pricing overview page to order.

**Physician CPT reimbursement codes:
Capillary Blood Collection
86001 Allergy Test X 10 units -
One for each of 10 allergens 
No responsibility for insurance reimbursement is assumed and no information on specific coverage is provided

Watch Video • Allergy FAQ


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