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EldonCard 2511-1 ABO-Rh Home Blood Typing Test Kit

Quickly and easily determine human blood type A, B, AB, O and rhesus factor Rh +/-


This fast, easy to use blood typing kit contains everything required to determine blood group and Rh factor using a whole blood sample obtained from a finger prick without the need for separate reagents or laboratory training. The EldonCard™ is a patented test card device that comes specially treated and impregnated with dried antibody sera Anti-A, Anti-B and Anti-Rh used universally for determining Blood type by the forward typing method. Creates a Permanent Blood Type Record Card for medical histories and emergencies.

*FDA Approved for Clinical and Educational Purposes. Not for use for screening purposes prior to blood transfusion. Regulation 864.9175, 510K Registration# K790282


In response to many inquires regarding the possible blood types children can inherit from their parents see:
Basic Blood Type Genetics

Do you know your own blood type? Do you know your children's blood type? This potentially life-saving information can be critical in a medical emergency or disaster crisis when immediate blood transfusion or replacement is required. Unfortunately, surveys indicate that the vast majority of people do not have this critical information either because they don't ask or because there is a notorious reluctance in the medical profession to inform patients of their chart details. The EldonCard blood type test kit uses the basic forward antibody method of blood hematology to easily and quickly provide the user with their blood type (A, AB, B or O) and rhesus factor (Rh negative or Rh positive) in a few minutes without the need for special laboratory supplies or training. By simply comparing the results of blood sample coagulation on the pretreated areas of the blood typing test card with a graphic picture chart, correct blood grouping is known. The test card can then be filled out with personal identification information and laminated with the provided plastic sheet to make a permanent record. The EldonCard blood typing test kit is also excellent for classroom instruction and other educational applications. Why everyone should know their blood type


blood typing kit

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Blood typing is determined by the type of antigens or markers that are on the surface of red blood cells (either "A" or "B") and if there are antibodies to a portion of the blood type known as the Rh factor (either "positive" or "negative"). Blood type is inherited from and dependent upon the blood type of an individual's parents. In the case of a transfusion, a person's blood type needs to be compatible with the donor's blood type or an allergic-type reaction can occur resulting from the immune system of the recipient attacking the incompatible donor blood cells as invading organisms. Also, it is also very important to know the Rh factor status when a woman is pregnant. If a pregnant woman is Rh negative and her baby is Rh positive, the mother's immune system can sometimes attack the baby's blood cells because of the differing blood types. All pregnant women should routinely have a blood typing test done to see if they are at risk. This blood typing should generally be done as part of routine prenatal care. A subcutaneous injection of Rh D Immune Globulin can be given during pregnancy to prevent this immune cross-reaction, which may be harmful to the developing fetus.

It is recommended that all pregnant woman and those who need a blood transfusion should determine blood type via a blood type kit, especially the Rh factor. All donated blood has a blood type test performed on it so that donor and recipient blood types match. Paternity testing often involves blood typing, which may or may not be able to prove if someone could be the parent of a child using the basic dominant/recessive gene matrix calculation. There are other, rarer indications for blood typing, such as genetic studies. For facts and figures of interest regarding blood grouping see the Blood Typing FAQ.


blood type test card


Mylar, Heat sealed, tamper-proof Color package with tear-off seal and rack merchandising hole
One foil sealed 2511-1 ABO-Rh Eldoncard test card for 1 blood type determination
1 each Alcohol prep pad, 4 each EldonStick blood transfer Devices, 1 each plastic pipette,
1 each clear plastic laminating sheet to permanently preserve test results,
1 each automatic safety lancet device
and a comprehensive user instruction manual with blood type interpretation chart

View Product insert  •  View Clinical Trial Report •  Multimedia Presentation

Why you should know your Blood Type


Viiew a Multimedia Presentation of the complete procedure View Product insertView Clinical Trial Report


blood type kit

Included with each test kit is a color result chart shown on the left. This chart illustrates the different test results possible on the Eldoncard. After the blood typing test is completed and fully developed the Eldoncard card will resemble the graphic to the right. Using the color reference result chart shown on the left, the four result test cells of the Eldoncard are compared to the possible outcomes shown on the reference chart. Note that the fourth test cell on the card is a control cell and is used only as a quality control check and evidence that the test was performed properly. The blood type and Rh factor are then interpreted by matching the test results from the Eldoncard with the result chart. For example, using the color chart provided on the left, coagulation is seen in cells one and three on the test card. Therefore correlating this result to the chart shows that the Blood type is A and the Rh factor is positive. Note that the appropriate identification boxes have been filled in with the name, address, date and contact information of the individual tested. The card can then be sealed with the clear plastic laminate cover sheet provided to create a permanent blood typing record for that individual. View a Multimedia Presentation of the complete procedure.
View Product insert •  View Clinical Trial ReportWhy you should know your Blood Type

blood type test results card

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eldoncard blood type test kitThe EldonCard Blood Typing Kit is available in two (2), six (6), twelve (12), twenty-four (24), fifty (50), one hundred (100), two hundred fifty (250), five hundred (500), one thousand (1000) and Two thousand (2000) individually packaged, poly bagged procedure test kits. Each test kit contains one hermetically sealed EldonCard and all the materials (noted above) required to complete one blood typing test procedure. The completed test card can then be sealed and protected with the laminating sheet provided to create a permanent record of blood type for personal identification, family histories and medical records. For additional facts on blood typing please see the Blood Typing Facts page.


eldoncard100 each Eldoncard 2511 ABO-Rh test cards only individually sealed with 400 EldonSticks™, instructions. For institutional use only, not for resale. Not for consumer use. For laboratory, institutional and professional use only. Bulk pack only, not in kit form. Eldoncard test cards (100) and EldonSticks™ transfer devices (400) only. NOTE: This is a non-stock special order item. Lead time is approximately 5 days.


Description Packaging Sale Unit Cost

EldonCard™ ABO/Rh Blood Typing Kit

Procedure kit/Poly

Two (2) kits



Six (6) kits 



Twelve (12) kits 



Twenty-Four (24) kits 



Physician Pack

Fifty (50) kits 



Clinical Pack

One Hundred (100) kits



Hospital Pack

Two Hundred Fifty (250) kits


   **Reseller Pack

Five Hundred (500) kits



 **Distributor Pack

One Thousand (1000) kits



 ** Master Distributor Pack

Two Thousand (2000) kits


EldonCard™ ABO/Rh Blood Typing Test Cards Only

***Institutional Bulk Pack

One Hundred (100) Test Cards Only


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** FEDEX or USPS expedited service not available for this sales unit, orders shipped Ground freight only.

*** Institutional Bulk Pack Only, Not for Resale. Non-stock special order only.

Blood Typing FAQ
See a
Multimedia Presentation of the procedure.
View Product insert •  View Clinical Trial ReportWhy you need to Know your Blood Type

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