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Fertility Book Manual

A Fertility Handbook

A Comprehensive Primer and Definitive Guide to Dealing with Infertility and Getting Pregnant

Newly published, this 160 page book offers detailed and informed solutions to the problems involved in achieving a successful pregnancy and dealing with the potentiality of infertility, an unfortunate condition affecting ten percent of couples wanting children. The Fertility Handbook contains the many keys needed to unlock the mystery of creating life and is highly recommended as a valuable resource to women seeking pregnancy. Coupled with traditional ovulation and fertility testing, the knowledge gained from this new publication can greatly enhance the probability of conception.


One out of ten couples in the United States experiences problems with infertility. In 40% of cases, failing to conceive can be directly attributable to the female and can involve a number of possible causes including physical, hormonal and psychological factors. Likewise, in 40% of cases, infertility can be directly attributable to the male. In the remaining 20% of cases, infertility is generally caused by a combination of female and male deficit factors or in some cases, is simply unexplained.

Fertility Book XSThe Fertility Handbook was written expressly to deal with infertility and the problems associated with getting pregnant. Co-author Melanie Clark writes from personal experience about the physical and emotional challenges of infertility. She spent three years undergoing infertility options and treatments before she and her husband were finally successful in becoming the parents of triplets. "Most people don't realize or appreciate that failing to conceive can be a life crisis that requires both medical and emotional support". With her co-author and physician of reproductive endocrinology, Dr. Maud Doherty, Clark states "We offer valuable information that will help others make informed decisions in seeking pregnancy. New technologies and treatments are making pregnancy possible for many couples who might otherwise never have conceived." Dr. Doherty, who has clinically diagnosed, consulted, treated and advised thousands of women having difficulty getting pregnant, adds "Among the women I see, one of the greatest fears expressed is that of never being able to have children. I tell them science has made tremendous advances in offering solutions to infertility and increasing the probability of successful conception."

Synopsis and Chapter Outline

The Fertility Handbook offers definitive information about, and solutions to, the many problems and questions involved in getting pregnant successfully. Chapter topics are described as follows:

Getting Pregnant-An Overview
Infertility-An Overview
Understanding the causes of female and male infertility
Female Infertility: Risk Factors and Causes
Diagnosing infertility
The Psychological Impact of Infertility
Coping emotionally with infertility
Resources that can offer help and assistance with Infertility
Treatments for Female Infertility
Initial self-administered treatment options
Exploring fertility treatment options
When to seek professional help
How to choose a fertility specialist
How to choose the appropriate fertility treatment
How to determine the appropriate length of treatment
Using the new assisted reproductive technologies (ART)
Donor Eggs and Donor Sperm
Multiple Births: Risks, Realities and what to expect
Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriages
Male Factor Infertility
Identification and diagnosis
Prescreening for Normal Sperm Count
Taking advantage of the new advances in male factor infertility treatments.


Fertility Book XSThe Fertility Handbook and resource guide to getting pregnant is now available to couples having difficulties conceiving. Written from both a personal experience and professional medical perspective,  The Fertility Handbook is 160 pages of concise and definitive answers to the many problems and frustrations couples encounter dealing with reproductive failure and includes a resource guide for seeking additional help with fertility issues, a glossary of professional terms and biographies of the authors. 

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The Fertility Handbook a guide to getting pregnant   

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