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Ovacue 2 650 med

OvaCUE® Professional Electronic Ovulation Prediction System

Computerized Ovulation Monitoring System with Automatic Prediction Function

Now with optional OvaGraph™ Tracking Software Kit

The Most Advanced Scientific Method Available for "At Home" Ovulation Prediction
Automatically Maximizes Cycle Timing Probability for a Successful Conception
Calendar display indicates the most fertile days automatically
98% Accuracy rate for Ovulation Prediction and Confirmation in Clinical and Consumer Trials
Advanced Micro-circuitry, data memory storage, recall and auto-calculate function.
FDA approved, method and claims
Does not require additional purchase of test strips or expensive add on accessories

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"A new electronic 'smart' device is now available to women as an alternative scientific method for determining ovulation and thus increasing the chances for conception. The OvaCUE® enables a woman to predict ovulation 5 to 7 days in advance with 98% accuracy, according to the results of a study funded by the National Institutes of Health at the Colorado University Medical Center. Unlike other fertility monitors currently available, the OvaCUE® does not require expensive add-on test strips or other consumables required for testing. Consequently, the investment for long term fertility monitoring is in the initial cost of the system alone." See the OvaCUE® FAQ

The N.I.H. study tracked more than 2,000 cycles of women using the OvaCUE® 's Electrolyte Method™ of ovulation prediction. Results confirmed The OvaCUE® Predictor offered the most advance notice possible of ovulation, giving women seeking pregnancy a greater chance of successful impregnation. In addition, comments showed the OvaCUE® much more convenient and affordable over time than other methods of predicting fertility. For details of this study see the Scientific Abstract.

The OvaCUE® Electronic Ovulation Predictor consists of an oral sensor the size of a quarter attached to a small, hand-held computer. Placed on the tongue for 10 seconds every morning, it measures and stores in memory the changes in electrolytes in saliva that occur several days before ovulation. An optional vaginal reading confirms ovulation has occurred." The OvaCUE® is a highly sensitive medical instrument, simple to use and interpret, and extremely accurate in predicting the female fertility "window".

 •  FDA approved for Ovulation Prediction, Method and Claims. 
•  5 day notice of peak fertility versus a day or less for LH or Temperature Methods.
 •  Eliminates Need for Test Interpretation and Historical Cycle Correlations automatically through Internal Memory and Onboard Computer.
 •  No additional expensive test strips to buy required with other fertility monitors. 
 •  Solid state, Computer Circuitry with Large Digital LCD Display.
 •  98% Accurate in Recording Electrolyte Changes that Signal Ovulation.
 •  The OvaCUE® Technology has been Successfully Tested and Recommended by Many OB/GYN  Physicians in Fertility Counseling
 •  The OvaCUE® can be Used Indefinitely with no Recurring Costs making it the Most Cost Effective Method of Ovulation Prediction and Monitoring.
 •  1 Year Comprehensive Factory Warranty.

Watch the VIDEO (windows media format 2.4 meg 2 minutes)


Ovacue calendar mo dayThe OvaCUE® uses the exclusive Electrolyte Method to provide the best option available for ovulation prediction and detection. The OvaCUE® gives up to 7 days advance notice of ovulation by measuring changes that occur in electrolytes in saliva when the egg (dominant follicle) is selected for ovulation.  The OvaCUE® will also confirm ovulation on the day it occurs, thus completely defining a women's fertile window. All daily readings are automatically stored in memory and data is internally correlated over each month's cycle history to provide the most accurate customized prediction and forecast of ovulation start date in the current cycle. The OvaCUE tracks the readings in memory and indicates your most fertile days graphically on a calendar in the unit display

To use the OvaCUE®, you simply put the spoon-sized oral sensor probe on your tongue for eight seconds each morning. Simply place a spoon-sized sensor on your tongue for five seconds each morning and the OvaCUE will automatically record your fertility for the day. The OvaCUE tracks the readings in memory and indicates your most fertile days graphically on a calendar.  After sufficient data has been stored, the user simply presses the calculation button on the unit to display the predicted ovulation start date.  Optionally, the user can maintain a separate chart and manually record the reading.  These readings can then plotted on the accompanying OvaCUE® Chart, which will enable you to identify the OvaCUE® Peak that occurs 5-7 days before ovulation.   Advance notice of ovulation is crucial for fertilization because male sperm require 24-36 hours to reach an egg that may only be viable for as little as eight hours. Unlike other fertility monitors, The oral sensor is all you need to test repeatedly, there are no costly additional test strips required for use.

Ovacue Vaginal SensorWith the OvaCUE®, you can also use the optional vaginal sensor probe to confirm ovulation by measuring changes in the electrolytes directly from the reproductive tract. You simply connect the vaginal sensor (about the size of a tampon) to the same unit and take an eight second reading.  These readings are then plotted on the OvaCUE® Chart and will drop and then rise sharply (>20%) if ovulation occurred.  To view a sample OvaCUE® Chart see below. Please note the vaginal method is optional, the OvaCUE® will predict ovulation accurately using the standard saliva probe included. Couples seeking pregnancy, should plan for intercourse the day the OvaCUE® Peak is identified and every other day after that until ovulation is confirmed.  Once ovulation is confirmed, wait 2-3 weeks.  If your menstrual period does not begin, an AimStick PDB or other pregnancy test should be used to determine if impregnation has been achieved.


Ovacue 2 650xsIt takes a woman's body several days to prepare for ovulation. This process is managed by a complex interaction of hormones. Approximately one week before ovulation, a threshold of increasing amounts of the estrogen hormone is reached. At this time, one ovum is selected from among the many available in either of the two ovaries. This one ovum begins to grow and the uterus begins to be prepared to receive a potential fertilized egg. Concurrently, other hormones change the amounts of minerals, principally sodium and potassium (electrolytes), that are kept or discarded by the body. This change in electrolyte concentration produces the OvaCUE® Peak, a high point in the OvaCUE® salivary readings of electrolytes which precedes the LH Peak. Several days after the OvaCUE® Peak, production of the luteinizing hormone (LH) increases and decreases very sharply over a period of 24 hours (the LH peak). LH is the hormone that triggers the release of the ovum from the ovary. The egg is released within 24 hours after LH hormone production is at its peak. Some time (as much as 12 hours) after the peak of LH production, LH becomes present in the urine. It is this increasing concentration of urine LH that can be detected by the urine based ovulation tests. Prediction using the urine LH method therefore depends on the correlation between the time of the highest blood LH, the time the urine test detects LH, and the time of ovulation. Optimally, the time between the urine LH signal and actual ovulation can be 18 hours in advance. Conversely, the possibility exists that the urine LH signal is seen only after ovulation has already occurred. The OvaCUE® Electrolyte method eliminates these potential timing problems by signaling ovulation 5-7 days in advance with 98% accuracy. Please see the Scientific Abstract and the OvaCUE® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information and the OvaCUE® Video.


Que chart rev 2


This is a typical OvaCUE® Chart completed during the female cycle. The OvaCUE® Peak occurred on Day 10 of the cycle and ovulation was confirmed on Day 16. In this example, 6 days warning preceded ovulation. To maximize the chance of becoming pregnant a couple should schedule intercourse for days 13-15 (at a minimum). Complete detailed instructions on how to create and interpret your OvaCUE® chart are in the OvaCUE® Owner's Manual included with each OvaCUE® ovulation prediction system.

An actual OvaCUE® Chart is available for download in Adobe PDF format.

OvaCUE® Chart

Watch the VIDEO (windows media format 2.4 meg 2 minutes)

Que chart entry

For answers to frequently asked questions on THE ELECTROLYTE METHOD™ or the OvaCUE® Professional Ovulation prediction system see the OvaCUE® FAQ.



Ovacue Vaginal Sensor

The OvaCUE Vaginal Sensor measures electrolyte changes in vaginal mucus, just as the oral sensor measures electrolytes in saliva. With these measurements, OvaCUE will mark the end of your fertile window and confirm ovulation by recording the change from estrogen to progesterone dominance. This usually happens the day before ovulation and marks the change from estrogen to progesterone dominance, indicating ovulation has occurred. While the vaginal sensor is not required for predicting ovulation, the optional sensor will aid in pinpointing ovulation. If you are uncertain about whether you are ovulating, the vaginal sensor will give you a clear answer. It also gives you the added confidence that the OvaCUE does indeed predict your date of ovulation accurately.


OVA smUsing the complimentary OvaGraph software utilities at with the OvaCUE® affords an unprecedented opportunity to understand and record what is going on with your fertility cycle. With the personal OvaGraph software tracking utilities, you can quickly and easily upload and download your cycle data from the OvaCUE® using the OvaGraph Tracking utilities at With a few clicks of the mouse and keyboard, you can graph your current and past hormonal patterns, or print them for a permanent record. Should the need arise, data can then be shared with your doctor or a clinic for further interpretation.


Ovacue 2 650xsEach OvaCUE® Electronic Ovulation Prediction System comes with everything required to begin scientifically planning for a successful pregnancy. The OvaCUE® Electronic Ovulation Prediction computer base unit, the Saliva sensory probe only, 9 volt battery, factory warranty and comprehensive Owner's Manual including charts and a toll-free owner's hotline for technical support. The Vaginal sensory probe is optional and can be ordered separately.


Sale Unit



OvaCUE® Electronic Ovulation Predictor



OvaCUE® Optional Vaginal Sensor



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OvaCue FAQ Scientific Abstract OvaCue Video

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