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Cholesteral home test news

Venture Home Cholesterol Test
A New Home Cholesterol Test Determines Quantitative System Cholesterol Levels in ng/dL with a 97% Accuracy* rate


If you can read a thermometer, you can now test your own cholesterol level in the privacy of your home. Unique test technology determines quantitative total system cholesterol through interpretation of a visual rising bar that levels off when system cholesterol concentration levels are reached. Utilizing a new design and technology for cholesterol testing, the Venture whole blood system home cholesterol test offers a disposable low cost alternative for individuals concerned with coronary artery disease.


Venture CholesterolThese simple, one-step test cassettes can be used to quickly identify elevated blood cholesterol levels associated with increased risk of coronary artery disease. The New Venture™ Home Cholesterol Test operates in much the same way as a mercury thermometer using improved lateral flow immunoassay technology. Built-in indicators on the test cassette signal the test is operating properly and when results are ready to be read. By reading the "degree" level reached at the conclusion of the test and cross referencing the custom calibration chart included with each test, an analytical system cholesterol test result can be accurately obtained without the need for special equipment or training. Controlled laboratory studies have shown the Venture™ Cholesterol Test Cassette 97% accurate in determining cholesterol levels between 125 and 325 mg/dL when used in strict accordance to test instructions and procedures. For answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the Venture™ Home Cholesterol Test please see the Cholesterol Test Q&A 


Heart throbStudies have been conducted that show the incidence of coronary artery disease (CAD) rises linearly with blood cholesterol levels. Individuals with elevated blood cholesterol levels of 200 mg/dL or greater are considered at increased risk for the development of coronary artery disease. The National Cholesterol Education Program has divided cholesterol readings into three groups, Desirable, Borderline-high and High. Your reading from the Venture Cholesterol Test will place you in one of these groups. 

Less than 200 mg/dL = Desirable Group
Based upon this system cholesterol level, you are most likely at a low risk for heart disease. A low-fat diet and exercise program will help you maintain this healthy level. If you have no other health risk factors (ie. obesity), you should only need a routine system cholesterol screen every twelve (12) months. If your result, however is between 190 and 199, your cholesterol level is close to the next group. If you have other risk factors for heart disease, you should seek professional medical consultation.. You may also want to retest with the Venture Cholesterol Test on a more frequent basis of four (4) to eight (8) weeks to confirm results remain within the desirable range of < 200 mg/dL.

200-239 mg/dL = Borderline High Group 
You may be at an increased risk for heart disease. It would be advisable to consult with a medical professional to determine what dietary changes or prescription drug therapies (if any) might be advisable. If your cholesterol level is between 230 and 239 mg/dL, you should definitely seek professional advise. Routine frequent monitoring of blood cholesterol levels are often advised for this high range group as well.

240mg/dL and above = High Group
You are definitely at risk for developing coronary artery disease, whether or not you have any other health risk factors (ie. obesity, diabetes). You should be involved in a regular consultation program with a healthcare professional. Frequent monitoring of cholesterol is recommended..


The Venture™ Home Cholesterol Test is intended for use with fresh capillary blood collected from a finger prick. Finger prick samples are a large drop of free flowing capillary blood. Complete instructions on how this is accomplished are detailed in the instruction booklet included with each test kit. The proper amount of sample used in testing is critical for accurate test results.


3 (Three) Venture™ Cholesterol Test Cassettes Individually Sealed
3 (Three) Sterile EZ-Lance Auto-lance Safety Lancets
3 (Three) Alcohol Preparation Swab Pads
3 (Three) Sterile Sheer Patch Bandages
1 (one) Lot Number (#) Specific Cholesterol Result Conversion Chart
Complete Test Procedure and Operating Instructions.


Venture Cholesterol Cholesterol Venture 2 Cholesterol Venture 3 Cholesterol Venture 4 Cholesterol Venture 5






Read all directions carefully. Sit down and relax for about 5 minutes. During this time rub your hands to warm them. Select your “middle” or “ring finger.” The finger should be warm and callus free. Swab the target area with alcohol.

Lay selected hand, palm up, against a flat table surface. Holding the lancet device in your hand firmly against the outside tip of your finger, press the trigger down until it clicks. The blood sample flow will begin

Point your finger down directly over the Blood Well as shown above. Add sample blood drops until the black fill circle in the well disappears, then wait at least two, but no more that four minutes before proceeding.

Pull the clear plastic tab on the right side of the test device until you can see the entire arrow. The "O.K." indicator  turns purple in about 5 minutes. The "END" indicator turns green when results are ready. Read results only after both timing indicators have changed color.

Find the very tip of the purple color bar in the Measurement Scale. The resulting number is the test reading. Using the Cholesterol Result Chart, total system cholesterol level expressed in mg/dL will be directly next to the test result number on the conversion chart.


Cholesterol Venture 5After the clear plastic activation tab on the right side of the test cassette device is pulled, the test begins to develop. The "O.K." indicator on the test will turn purple confirming proper test operation . The "END" indicator turns green when the test has completed. Results are read only after, and if, both indicators have changed color. Read results under bright light. Find the very tip of the purple color bar in the Measurement Scale. You can slide the edge of the result chart along the scale to help find the tip of the color bar. The resulting number is the test device reading. Using the Cholesterol Conversion Result Chart included with each test kit, find the number that matches the test result reading. Total system cholesterol level expressed in mg/dL will be directly next to the test result number on the conversion chart. IMPORTANT: Only the Cholesterol Conversion Result Chart that comes with each kit can be used to interpret cholesterol test results. Each chart is custom calibrated to each lot of test devices during the manufacturing process.


The Venture™ Home Cholesterol Test is available in three (3), six (6) and twelve (12) complete test kits. Each complete kit contains all the accessories required to perform the number of tests in each kit. A Physician Pack of 24 each and Clinical Pack of 48 each Bulk Test Cassettes only (Instructions and Conversion Chart included) are also available. For answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the Venture™ Home Cholesterol Test please see the Cholesterol Test Q&A



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Venture™ Home Cholesterol Test

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*If the order buttons are absent or inoperable, please use the pricing overview page to order.

* Consumer studies using the Venture™ Test in controlled laboratory tests resulted in a 97% correlation rate when instructions and recommended test procedure was strictly adhered to. For more information regarding specificity and cross reactivity see the Home Cholesterol Test FAQ.

Professional EZ-Lance Auto-Lance spring loaded lancets available separately: Lancets

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