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Comparison Chart and Specificity Analysis

EZ Detect™ vs. Hemoccult®

EZ Detect™



  • Vitamin C, vegetables, and rare meat are O.K.

  • Normal diet: No need to prescribe diet restrictions. Full compliance.

  • No handling of stool: sanitary and pleasant.

  • No special training.

  • No chemicals or reagents needed.

  • High patient compliance: simple procedure.

  • Safe: No contact with stool (biological waste).

  • Economical: No laboratory costs or doctor visit.

  • Time: Results from test are obtained immediately.

  • Quality of water is verified: Water quality control check is provided with test.

  • Modern biological and scientific technology.


  • Vitamin C (False negatives) & Red meat (False positives) diet restrictions.

  • Restricted Diet: Compliance difficult, possible unreliable results.

  • Patient must handle stool: Unpleasant and not sanitary.

  • Test must be performed by a trained technician or healthcare professional.  

  • Requires use of reagents and developer to obtain results.

  • Low compliance: intimidating and objectionable procedure.

  • Not Safe: Patient is exposed to biological waste (stool) with possible exposure to non-A & B hepatitis.

  • Not economical: Laboratory and Doctor fees.

  • Not Timely: Patient must often wait several days for test results.

  • Quality of water is not verified: Contaminants in water may cause false positives.

  • Ancient technology.


EZ DETECT Performance Characteristics

Sensitivity: The EZ DETECT test detects a minimum 2.0 mg hemoglobin per100 ml water.
Accuracy and Precision:  Samples (n = 20) containing 2.0mg hemoglobin per 100 ml water were repetitively checked with EZ DETECT™
and found to be positive each time (100%). A repetitive performance of the test (n = 20) on test samples devoid of RBC or hemoglobin, gave negative results each time.

EZ DETECT™ General Chemical Principle

Peroxide (on test Pad ) + HemoglobinArrow rightWater + Oxygen
Oxygen + Un-oxidized TMB (colorless dye)Arrow rightOxidized TMB (blue/green dye)

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