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Basal thermfnl MABIS Professional Healthcare
Digital Basal Thermometry Kit   Professional use model
For Traditional Ovulation Charting and Prediction

Sensitive Digital Basal Thermometer with auto beeper, accurate to +/- five one hundredths of one degree Fahrenheit. Displays to nearest hundredth of a degree (00.00). Sample charts with step-by-step charting instructions, detailed biological abstracts and thermometer operating specifications and instructions are included. Total effective temperature range of the Mabis Healthcare Professional Digital Thermometer is 92.00 to 108.00 degree Fahrenheit. Manufactured specifically for measuring the precise basal body temperature range, this professional basal digital thermometer is not a general use fever thermometer. Sold only through Professional Healthcare distributors 

Usage and Instructions:

Basal Therm DisplayDesigned specifically for medical professional use in basal body temperature and fertility charting, the Mabis Professional Digital Basal Thermometer combines pinpoint accuracy with easy of use. This professional model features an easy to read digital display scale, basal temperature readings to the nearest hundredth of one degree (00.00), last temperature memory recall, audible beep at peak temperature, and is waterproof. This digital basal thermometer is not a standard digital fever thermometer available in retail stores. The computer chip built into this model is extremely sensitive to 1/100 of a degree temperature change resulting in precise basal body temperature readings and more accurate temperature charting. Specifically, specifications include:

Digital display reads to 1/100th of a degree Fahrenheit (e.g. 97.56).
± 5/100th (.05) of one degree accuracy - ideal for BBT Charting.
Digital Recall Memory of last temperature reading.
Automatic audible beep at peak temperature.
Includes complete instructions with Ovulation Charts.
Oral or vaginal use only
Effective Range: 92.00 - 108.00° F or 33.33 to 42.22 °C
Accuracy: Accurate to 5/100th of a degree F° (.05)
Display: Liquid Crystal: 1/100th of a degree (4 Digits)
Battery: 1.5 V / Battery Life" 100 Hours (Continuous Operation)
Dimensions: 1.4 cm x 2.2cm X 12.9 cm
Weight: 10.5 grams

Before using the Basal Thermometer to predict ovulation, the patient should first read the package insert thoroughly and become familiar with the included BBT chart and instructions. Download a blank chart here: Ovulation Charts. When not in use, the Basal Thermometer should be placed in its protective case in a cool place. Before and after use, the thermometer probe should be immersed in rubbing alcohol. There is no calibration necessary for the digital thermometer. The digital thermometer will display "Loș" indicating readiness for use. This display is not an indication of a low battery.

Take the basal temperature at the same waking time in the morning. The basal body temperature (BBT) should be taken for a full 3 minutes or until the beeper sounds. Any activity may raise the BBT so it should be taken before getting out of bed. Place the thermometer well under the tongue. Close the lips and keep them closed until thermometer is removed.

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Basal Therm mediumThe BBT can be read directly from the LED display after the audible beep indicating the temperature recording is complete. Record your reading and what day of the cycle it is. A chart is provided in the package for this purpose. Blank charts are also available for download Ovulation Charts The temperature Chart shown is a typical BBT chart and clearly shows the upward shift in BBT during days 14-17 of the cycle. Ovulation occurs during or just prior to this time indicating days 15-17 as the fertility "window" when ovum fertilization and impregnation is most likely to occur. By maintaining a BBT chart similar to this on a monthly basis, an important record is created that can be discussed with a healthcare provider of fertility specialist to maximize the chances for pregnancy. This product represents a completely natural and traditional way to predict ovulation and therefore increase the likelihood of pregnancy.


the Mabis Healthcare Professional Digital Basal Thermometer kit includes the digital basal thermometer in a protective plastic case, operating instructions, charting instructions and blank basal temperature charts. Suggested retail $15.00. 



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