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alert j5 professional breathalyzer

ALERT J5 II Professional w/Wireless Thermal Printer Option

Evidentiary Accurate, Law Enforcement, Electronic Platinum Fuel Cell Alcohol Breath AnalyzerView Product Manual: ALERT J5 II Operating Manual

price of the alert j5 professional breathalyzer

The ALERT J5 II II Professional evidentiary model alcohol breathalyzer with wireless printer option features the newest technology in high quality platinum electrochemical fuel cells and was designed specifically for law enforcement, department of corrections, government compliance programs, probations and commercial or personal use applications requiring the highest standards in accuracy testing rates. The ALERT J5 II II features a menu driven LCD display with memory recall of the last 10 test results. The ALERT J5 II II has built in infrared (IR) and serial (RS-232) printing capabilities when used with the optional portable thermal printer. The ALERT J5 II II is the latest, most advanced portable alcohol breath analysis system available with sophisticated self contained computer digital electronics and menu driven options. The ALERT J5 II II  employs an advanced 32 bit A/D converter microprocessor chip to instantly display equivalent Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in BAC%, promilles, mg/L or mg%. CE marked.


The ALERT J5 II II Professional with printer option was developed and manufactured to provide reliable, fast and highly accurate alcohol breath analysis in a compact, portable and highly sophisticated menu driven electronic device.  Constructed from the highest quality components available, the ALERT J5 II II  is intended for heavy commercial and law enforcement use without compromising sensitivity and accuracy. Advanced power circuitry and automated sample processing allows for up to 800 test procedures from two AA alkaline batteries. The LCD digital display utilizes a user menu display system to show internal self diagnostics and recalibration, test progress, test results and memory recall of the previous ten test procedures. The ALERT J5 II II incorporates onboard infrared and serial printing ports for wireless or serial connectivity to the optional J5 thermal printer.  User menu display options and settings are hierarchical and similar to cellular phone technology. The unit's microprocessor  automatically calculates the correct breath sample amount required and will report a test error for under blows thus eliminating test subject sample manipulation. Additionally, The ALERT J5 II model includes 5 specially designed non-disposable one-way mouthpieces that prevent subject manipulation of breath sampling by "blow back" and insuring proper breath sampling. Key on chip functions include self diagnostic checks for calibration and accuracy,  automatic recalibration, memory and test recall, optional printer ports, sample volume to alcohol content logarithm and real time clock self adjustment. The ALERT J4X is intended for law enforcement field use and any other application, including personal use, requiring rapid and evidentiary accurate alcohol breath analysis.   


The ALERT J5 II is easy to use, with most test operations completely automated, the ALERT J5 II Professional is the model of choice for anyone serious about alcohol use, abuse, detection and prevention.  Highly sensitive, with a detection range of .000 to .450 % BAC and field accuracy rate of .005 @ .100 BAC, the ALERT J5 II complies with the testing standards for accuracy established by the U.S. Department of Transportation and other regulating authorities. The ALERT J5 II Professional model is also ideally suited for zero tolerance alcohol testing programs where even the smallest amount of system alcohol can be detected. Key specifications and features of the ALERT J5 II Professional model are as follows:

Alcohol specific, platinum fuel cell (electrochemical)
32 bit microprocessor and converter
hierarchical menu driven LCD display
Programmed internal self-diagnostics
Automatic sensor calibration self adjusting
Automatic sample volume detection
Visual and Audible test prompts
Onboard wireless infrared and serial printer ports
25 second maximum recovery time
Detection Range .000 to .450 BAC
Accuracy at .005BAC to .100BAC and 5% above .100.


Calculation logarithm % BAC, promilles, mg/L, mg%
Ambient Temperature Range 0-170 F (-20-70 C)
Breath Analysis time < 10 seconds
Alcohol only, no response to ambient hydrocarbons  
Specially designed pressure regulating mouthpieces
Memory recall last 10 tests
Automatic calibration
Optional Thermal Printer
800 test capacity on 2 AA alkaline batteries
25 second automatic power shut off
One year factory warranty; parts and labor.

Operation is extremely fast, with an average total test time of less than ten seconds for breath sampling, analysis and display of results and a maximum 25 second recovery time between tests. 32 bit microprocessor monitoring of breath flow, unique one-way flow mouthpiece design, and an alcohol specific semi-conductor fuel cell sensor that screens out other ambient hydrocarbons and ketones combine to automatically assure the accuracy of alcohol breath testing and analysis. One button operation, auto calibration, shirt-pocket size, and a host of exclusive convenience features make the new ALERT J5 II Professional model stand alone in field sobriety testing and analysis. The user friendly, menu driven LCD display and high powered internal software give the operator visual error messages minimizing operator error and simplifying the test procedure. This evidentiary quality breath analyzer is recommended for "on the spot" evidentiary testing whenever alcohol consumption is suspected. The ALERT J5 II should provide accurate readings indefinitely as long as the microprocessor and sensor cell are not internally damaged and the unit is routinely recalibrated. For additional information on technology method and specificity expectation see Technology and Accuracy, ALERT J5 II Manual


Alert J5 Bundle

The ALERT J5 II has onboard infrared wireless (IR) and serial (RS-232) port printing capabilities. The optional wireless Thermal Printer is programmed to be easily interfaced with the ALERT J5 II allowing for hard copy printing of test results when breath sample evidence is required. Wireless data transmission from the ALERT J5 II unit to the printer is possible using the J5's onboard infrared port capability. Test results can be printed immediately to the printer or from the ALERT J5 II memory at a later time. Printer housing is constructed of commercial grade, high impact ABS polymers with thermal transfer print head technology. The Thermal Printer is available separately or in a bundled unit with the ALERT J5 II Professional. The ALERT J5 II Professional with Printer bundle is a complete evidentiary alcohol testing solution for commercial and law enforcement applications.


The ALERT J5 II Professional Breathalyzer is available as a standalone unit for preliminary field breath sampling and analysis boxed with a comprehensive operation manual and five (5) proprietary pressure flow mouthpieces. The ALERT J5 II unit must be used only with its specially designed mouthpiece or damage to the fuel cell sensor could occur along with inaccurate test results. Failure to use ALERT J5 II mouthpieces in operation of the unit may void the manufacturers warranty.  Extra mouthpieces are available in bulk separately. Mouthpieces are high grade plastic and disposable however they can be re-used if washed in hot water between uses in personal use or lower volume testing applications. The ALERT J5 II is also available with the wireless thermal printer as a bundled option for evidentiary printing of hardcopy test results. 



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ALERT J5 II Professional Breathalyzer w/Thermal Printer 


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ALERT J5 II Mouthpieces Only

Poly Bagged

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View ALERT J5 II Operation Manual

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