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AL2500 Med

AlcoScan™ AL2500

Premium Personal Digital Alcohol Breath Analyzer

A Premium, high quality, fast, Reusable, Pocket-sized Alcohol Detection Device for use anywhere, anytime alcohol consumption or intoxication is a concern. Virtually instantaneous digital LCD readout of percentage BAC test results with audible warning beeps. Automatic self-calibration feature. Pocket sized, discreet. Incorporates the new MEMS* microchip gas sensor technology.

Al2500 With Box S

DOT/NTHSA Approved
Meets US Coast Guard Requirements
CE Mark, NF Mark
ISO Certified

Despite its pocket size, the AlcoScan™ AL2500 Premium Personal Digital Alcohol Breath Analyzer is a highly sensitive scientific instrument employing the latest semiconductor technology to convert breath alcohol content to equivalent blood alcohol content (BAC) in less than a second. Results are displayed digitally on a backlit LCD display panel. Manufactured in high quality, high impact ABS, the unit has the look and feel of aluminum metal construction. The AlcoScan™ AL2500 employs the recently developed and most advanced *MEMS" gas sensor which is alcohol specific thereby minimizing the possible interference from other environmental factors. Like all alcohol breath analyzers, the sensor microchip is gas specific, meaning that smoke of any kind, especially cigarette smoke, can adversely affect accurate readings. Consequently, smokers should wait at least ten minutes prior to using the AlcoScan™ AL2500. For additional information on technology method and specificity expectation see Technology and Accuracy

*MEMS is the abbreviation for Microelectro-Mechanical Systems, a technology developed at the University of California at Berkley that employs miniscule silicon sensors or "motes" a.k.a "Smart Dust". Smart Dust, as the name implies, is the equivalent of coating a receptor microchip with micro fine powder consisting of millions of individual smart sensor motes. The use of MEMS, or smart dust, exponentially increases the sensitivity and detection effectiveness of the receptor microchip in identifying and quantifying targeted molecules (hydrocarbons in the case of alcohol breath analyzers). This increased sensitivity and accuracy however can be more readily compromised by cigarette smoke or other contaminates in the air. Therefore it is extremely important that MEMS devices be used as free from ambient smoke as possible.

Al2500 New Med

•  Instant 3 digit LCD digital readout of test results % BAC
•  Audible warning beep system for BAC levels
•  Chip recycle time < 30 seconds

•  Display Range
.00 to .40 % BAC.
•  MEMS gas sensor detects alcohol specific chemical structures.
•  Manual and Self Calibration assures accuracy
•  US DOT Approved, FDA Certified, CE Marked
•  Accuracy to +/- .005% BAC
•  High quality ABS metal like housing
•  Dimensions : 10.5×4×2cm (4.2"×1.4"×.5")
•  Weight: 85g (3.5 oz.)
•  100 % satisfaction 30 day money back guarantee
•  Two 1.5V  AA battery power source (included)


Audio Function

0.00% - 0.01%

1 short beep

0.02% - 0.04%

2 short beeps


5 second continuous beeps

AL25000 W Box SThe AlcoScan™ AL2500 is extremely easy to use. The unit is activated through a thumb switch. After a brief internal circuitry self test and calibration routine indicated by a digital countdown on the LCD display, the test subject blows into sensor for a few seconds. Test results are immediately calculated and converted to % BAC and shown in digital format. The unit's microchip automatically recalibrates the gas sensor after each test procedure assuring a high degree of accuracy. As with all electronic breath analyzers, certain precautions should be followed to assure accurate test results see Technology and Accuracy. Complete instructions are included with each unit.

The AlcoScan™ AL2500 Personal Digital Alcohol Breath Analyzer can be used repeatedly and is not disposable. It's aluminum type housing is impact resistant and is intended for heavy use. The 3.0V power source is easily replaced using standard AA batteries. Approximately 700-800 tests can be performed prior to battery replacement. While simple and easy to use, the AlcoScan™ AL2500 is highly accurate and can help prevent the unfortunate and often life threatening consequences of alcohol intoxication. Used as a monitor, the AlcoScan™ AL2500 Personal Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer can indicate when equivalent blood alcohol percentages are below or above state legal limits preventing potential arrest or worse, reckless endangerment of others. DUI/DWI State Laws This sensitive personal model is recommended for "on the spot" testing whenever alcohol consumption is planned or intoxication is suspected. Use the AlcoScan™ AL2500 Personal Alcohol Breath Analyzer to help prevent the tragic and life altering consequences of alcohol intoxication as witnessed in this recent headline:

Dateline San Diego, CA. May 4, 2001:
..."Drunk Driver Found Guilty of Murder...A jury has convicted a San Clemente man of second-degree murder by driving drunk and killing a highway worker who was picking up traffic cones on Interstate 5 in Oceanside..."

The following chart shows the effects of alcohol consumption on BAC and is provided as a example of when caution should be exercised prior to driving a motor vehicle or operating heavy equipment:

Alcohol BAC Effect Opt



The AlcoScan™ AL2500 Digital Personal Alcohol Breath Analyzer is available for any circumstance or application where a fast indication of alcohol consumption and amount is desired. Blood alcohol percentage equivalents are calculated within seconds and are available quickly and discreetly anywhere, anytime. Each AlcoScan™ AL2500 comes in a four color, retail display box with instructions and batteries.



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AlcoScan™ AL2500 Digital Breath Analyzer


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