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Phamatech QuickScreen™ Pro 5 Panel "At Home" Drug Test
Multi-Drug Screening Test Kit with Prepaid Laboratory Confirmation of Positive Test Results

Opiates • Cocaine • Marijuana • Amphetamines • Methamphetamines (Ecstasy)

A Complete Drug Screening Kit for "At Home" Testing and Zero Tolerance Programs where Independent Confirmation of Positive Samples  Utilizing More Quantitative Laboratory Procedures is Necessary or Desired. Positive laboratory confirmation by a certified testing laboratory  of positive test results is included in this test kit.  Featured as an excellent "At Home" testing solution for concerned parents or individuals.


For a comprehensive discussion on drug of abuse testing including typical detection time periods see the DRUG TESTING FAQ

The Phamatech QuickScreen™ Pro Multi-Drug Screening Test Kit "At Home or Office" was the first rapid drug test kit cleared by the FDA for home use by parents concerned with teenage drug abuse. This easy-to-use kit includes an FDA approved QuickScreen Pro multi-drug screening device for Opiates (morphine/heroin/codeine), Cocaine, THC (marijuana), Amphetamines, and Methamphetamines (including Ecstasy), a wide-mouth collection container, a comprehensive instruction booklet, a handbook with frequently asked questions and all the materials needed to ship a positive sample to a contracted laboratory for confirmation at no additional charge. Also included is a toll free "Drug Test Hotline" with  professionals able to assist with questions, provide test confirmation results and offer professional counseling referrals in your area. The QuickScreen™ Pro Multi-Drug Screening Test Kit and service are completely anonymous and confidential, guaranteed.

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The Phamatech QuickScreen™ Pro Multi-Drug Screening Test Kit includes the Phamatech QuickScreen™ Pro Testing device that tests for the five most abused prescription and illicit drugs and drug compounds. This device will give a visual positive or negative diagnostic result based on the NIDA standardized sensitivity cut-off levels  for Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Marijuana and PCP. The test is over 96% accurate when used in strict accordance with the instruction booklet as indicated in numerous laboratory and consumer test studies. For complete details on this testing device please see the pages: QuickScreen Pro, Drug Testing FAQs and Drug Test Use.

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Test Components: Each Test kit comes complete with the following:

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  1. A QuickScreen™ Pro Testing device factory sealed with lot number and expiration date

  2. Test Instruction and Use Handbook

  3. Complete Question and Answer Handbook with valuable information on drugs and drug abuse

  4. A Urine sample collection cup with affixed temperature strip to insure the sample is body temperature and not a substitute or otherwise been manipulated.

  5. A pre-labeled vial for shipping a positive sample to the laboratory for confirmation testing by approved procedures.

  6. A Personal Identification Number (PIN) to track the laboratory confirmation results. This number eliminates the need for other personal information and insures complete anonymity and confidentiality.

  7. Sealed plastic transport pouch with absorbent desiccant pad, pre-labeled laboratory shipping box and toll free "Drug Test Hotline" access number.


The Phamatech QuickScreen™ Pro Multi-Drug Screening "At Home"  Test Kit was especially designed for easy consumer use. No professional training is required to obtain accurate diagnostic results with a great degree of confidence. For positive samples, an independent laboratory confirmation is provided to eliminate any questions or uncertainty. Test kits are sold individually and are available for immediate shipment.


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Phamatech QuickScreen Pro 5 Panel Drug Screening "At Home" Test

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At Work Box xsNote: For Evidence Specific Institutional and Commercial Testing Applications, please see the QuickScreen™ Pro COC "Chain-of-Custody" On-Site Drug Testing Kit.


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