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QuickScreen™ PRO 5 DSC

A Self Contained, all Inclusive Multi-Drug, Five Panel Testing System

Minimizes exposure and handling of sample specimens. A QuickScreen Pro 5 Panel drug test is incorporated into the sidewalls of a specimen collection container. The QuickScreen Pro 5 DSC system offers all the features of the standard Pro 5 drug test card with built in automatic timer and then adds the security of a screw top sample container with temperature strip/ID label and the safety of specimen handling and exposure elimination.

Cocaine Opiates (Morphine/Heroin/Codeine Amphetamines Methamphetamine THC (Marijuana)


For a comprehensive discussion on drug of abuse testing including typical detection time periods see the DRUG TESTING FAQ

An all inclusive five (5) panel immunoassay* for the simultaneous, specimen collection and screening for multiple drugs of abuse and their metabolites in human urine using one self-contained testing and sample collection device. This safe, accurate and economical testing system is used to obtain a rapid, visual, qualitative result indicating drug usage or abuse within a few minutes. This product will not test for quantitative measurements of drug concentrations in the body but will indicate their presence at or above minimum concentrations established by the NIDA and the World Health Organization.

Parental Control and Home Zero Tolerance Programs
Random Drug Screening of Employees
School and Professional Athletic Programs
 Academic and Business "Drug Free Environment" Policies
Routine Medical Exams and Patient Profiles
Pre-Employment Drug of Abuse Screening
Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Operation Programs
Halfway House, Drug Counseling and Treatment Programs
Probation and Law Enforcement

The QuickScreen™ Pro 5 DSC incorporates a built-in lateral flow, multi-panel, chromo-graphic immunoassay for the detection and identification of amphetamines, benzoylecgonine (cocaine metabolite), methamphetamines (including ecstasy*), opiates and opium derivatives (morphine/heroin/codeine) and tetrahydrocannibinol-9-carboxylic acid (THC, marijuana) in human urine at the standard minimum cut-off concentration levels based on the following federal (NIDA) and world (WHO) guidelines:
*While Methamphetamine tests will generally detect MDMA (Ecstasy), an MDMA specific test is recommended when screening specifically for MDMA or Ecstasy use.



1000 ng/ml



300 ng/ml



50 ng/ml



*2000 ng/ml



25 ng/ml



500 ng/ml

*National and world regulating authorities have established and published a revised minimum sensitivity cut-off level standard of 2000 ng/ml OPI for the Opiate class of prescription and illicit drugs. 

QSP5 cup with stripThe QuickScreen™ Pro 5 DSC combination specimen cup and multi-panel drug screen maximizes the simplicity and economics of drug testing programs. Testing is accomplished by simply obtaining a sample specimen. Thereafter the process is completely automatic. Results are read directly from the specimen container itself when the auto timer indicator turns red. The DSC container also has a built-in temperature strip for confirming sample body temperature. This provides an added security check for possible sample substitution or dilution with tap water. The DSC test container also provides an affixed identification label for recording test documentation of date, time, test subject ID etc. Additionally, the screw top container can be sealed for refrigerated storage or transport. Exposure to biological hazards is eliminated as there is no sample handling or device transfer required in the the testing process. This convenient, portable one-step five panel testing device can be administered any time, at any place, and provide a 98+% accurate and definitive "yes or no" result in about five minutes without the costly and time consuming process of clinical analysis.

Drug result finalAutomatically upon specimen collection, the QuickScreen™ Pro 5 DSC container begins to develop test results. Lateral flow of the sample across the test panels will begin and depending on the specific target drug panel, control lines and negative test lines may be observed developing in the test panels within thirty to sixty seconds. However, test results should not be read until the "result ready" indicator turns red. Any line, no matter how faint, appearing under the control line in the target drug test panel is a negative test for that target drug or drug metabolite. The graphic to the right shows the development of several possible results in using the DSC container. Drugs and drug metabolites remain at detectable levels in the human body for various periods of time after use depending on a number of different factors. For a brief discussion and chart regarding the half-life and detectable periods for drugs of abuse see the Drug FAQ.


The QuickScreen™ Pro 5 DSC is available in packs of 1, 3, 6, 12, 25, 50 or 100 test packs. For quantities exceeding 100 units please contact us for special volume pricing. Complete use and background information including laboratory testing results, cross reaction charts, drug characteristics and other useful information is included with each test kit. The QuickScreen™ Pro 5 DSC is 98+% accurate when used in strict accordance to procedural instructions and is approved by the FDA, method and claims.

Description Packaging Quantity Cost  

QuickScreen™ Pro 5 DSC Drug Testing Cup


1 Test Pack



3 Test Pack



6 Test Pack



12 Test Pack



25 Test Pack


50 Test Pack



100 Test Pack


*If the order buttons are absent or inoperable, please use the pricing overview page to order.

For bulk quantity pricing of five hundred (500) units or more please contact us at Customer Service

*This immunoassay provides a preliminary, first-line analytical test result. A more specific alternative chemical method can be used in order to obtain a confirmed laboratory analytical result. Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GCIMS) has been established as the preferred confirmatory method by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). For specific situations where laboratory confirmation of positive results is required, please refer to the QuickScreen Pro Drug At Home Test page.  Clinical consideration and professional judgment should be applied to any drug of abuse test result, particularly when preliminary positive results are indicated.

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