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OvuCard kit

OvuCard ™ 7 Day Ovulation  Prediction Test Kits
Human LH Hormone Specific Lateral Flow Cassette Type Test

All inclusive, 7 day ovulation prediction test kits. One-step, easy to perform, rapid developing, urine based test cassettes for identification of the increased levels of the human luteinizing hormone (LH) immediately proceeding the ovulatory period within the female reproductive cycle.

The OvuCard™ 7 Day Ovulation Prediction test kit is a complete testing system for detecting the increase (or surge) of the luteinizing hormone, LH, occurring naturally approximately one to two days prior to the release of the egg from the female ovary (ovulation). The LH cassette test device is calibrated to an analytical sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml. This is approximately 35% more sensitive than the 40mIU/ml established by the 2nd International Standard. The LH hormone is the triggering process for ovulation and therefore becomes a primary indicator of the "fertility window" which lasts only a few days during the menstrual cycle. For women wishing to maximize the chance of egg fertilization and becoming pregnant, sexual intercourse should occur during this "fertility window". This is the most accurate method for family planning and has proved successful for hundreds of thousands of women wishing to get pregnant. Questions?...Please see the "FAQs" page.

Female Menstrual CycleOvuCard™ Ovulation Prediction Systems are a scientific, biological method for determining exactly when conception is most probable given the LH hormone surge prior to ovulation (See Ovulation/LH Surge chart) . The LH surge occurs naturally in all females each month between menstrual cycles up until menopause. It is the body's automatic process during ovulation to increase production of this key hormone to maximize success of the fertilization process. Because egg fertilization should occur during this critical three day window for a pregnancy to result, this testing system is far more accurate in predicting the female fertility period than use of temperature charts, counting or other such methods. In order to maximize the chance of pregnancy, it is recommended that intercourse occur within two days of the LH surge detected by the test. The test is simple to use and can be a valuable asset in family planning. Ovulation Calculator.

OvuCard kits small

Material Provided in Boxed 7 Day Kit
7 OvuCard Ovulation LH test cassettes
7 Sample Transfer pipettes
7 Sample collection cups
Comprehensive instruction sheet

OvuCard™ Ovulation Prediction Systems come with a seven (7) day supply of tests. The test should be performed each consecutive day during mid-cycle (explained in chart below) until the LH hormone surge is detected. At that time additional tests are not necessary, as the fertile period has been determined. It is also recommended that the tests be performed at approximately the same time each day preferably with the first morning urine. Large amounts of fluid intake should be avoided at least 4 hours prior to each test to minimize LH hormone dilution in the urine.

When to determine the proper Test Start Date:

Determine the length of your normal menstrual cycle. This cycle is calculated by counting the number of days from the first day of menstrual bleeding to the day before the bleeding begins again. For example,  the first day of menstrual bleeding is day one.  If 26 days elapse and bleeding commences on day 27, your cycle would be 26 days. The chart below summarizes the day on which the OvuCard tests should begin. The Ovulation Calculator can also help with cycle timing issues.

Cycle Length (days)

Start Test Series beginning on

Cycle Length (days)

Start Test Series beginning on


Day 6


Day 12


Day 6


Day 13


Day 7


Day 14


Day 7


Day 15


Day 8


Day 16


Day 9


Day 17


Day 10


Day 18


Day 11

See Note below

Note: If your menstrual cycle typically exceeds 35 days, or is shorter than 21 days, you should consult your Physician as to the proper day to begin testing

LH add sampleUsing the OvuCard™ Prediction System

  • Collect mid-stream urine in the cup provided or in a clean container preferably glass. It is always recommended that urine be treated as a potential biological hazard and that appropriate caution is used.

  • Open one of the test device foil pouches and remove the cassette testing device and transfer pipette.
  • Draw urine up into the pipette and deposit 4-5 drops into the sample well on the cassette.
    Results will appear in the test window of the cassette within 3-5 minutes.

Interpretation of Test Results:

The graphic to the left shows a typical result sequence starting with sample migration across the test panel, development of the control line, and then development of the test line. If the test line remains faint or lighter in intensity at the conclusion of the test, the result is negative for LH surge. If however the test line becomes as dark or darker in intensity at the conclusion of the test, the result is positive for LH surge. The important factor in correct test interpretation is the intensity difference between the control line and the test line at the conclusion of the test. Each test result is independent of any other test result and no comparison should be made or correlation attempted between different test results. Once a positive test is obtained, the LH surge is identified and no further tests are necessary.

Using the Control or C line which develops as a reference point, compare the color and intensity of the Test or T line to the Control or Reference Line. The following indicate test result examples

LH new negative A

LH new negative B

LH new positive A

Ovulation tests test ferility female testing ovulation ovulation testing

LH new vertf






There are two areas in the test window of the cassette where distinct lines will form and become visible. The control area (C) will always show a line as this area has been chemically impregnated with a positive LH hormone binding agent to provide the control line for presence of LH hormone. The second area is the test (T) area where a line may or may not form based on the amount of LH hormone in the urine sample. If no line appears in the test region or if the color and intensity of the line in the test region is lighter than the control line, then the LH surge has not occurred and the test is negative. If the line in the test region is the same or darker in color and intensity than the control line, then the LH surge has begun and the test is positive. If a Control or Reference Line does not develop, the test is invalid and should be discarded. Please refer to the chart above as well as the note regarding the independence of each test result below.
Note: Each test result is independent of any other test result and no correlation or dependency between consecutive test results should be inferred or relied upon to estimate fertility periods. Only when a single test result is positive can the fertility window be estimated with accuracy. The LH cassette test device is calibrated to an analytical sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml. This is approximately 35% more sensitive than the 40mIU/ml established by the 2nd International Standard. The OvuCard Ovulation Predicting System is a scientifically based assay dependent on the biological release of LH hormone. The testing system can only aid in the determination of the fertile period in the female menses. No claims or guarantees are made or intended beyond the aid in LH surge confirmation.

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Individually sealed OvuCard OPT Cassette tests w/Pipette/Instructions
Bulk packs of 10, 25, 50, 100 and 250 tests

For additional Information please refer to the Ovulation Prediction FAQ page, You may also find useful information regarding the female fertility cycle on the Ovutest Saliva Prediction Test page and Pregnancy test pages. Also try the online Ovulation Calculator.




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Professional specimen collection containers available separately: Specimen Containers

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